wet wales and a day off.

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wet wales and a day off.

Post by joe roberts on Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:02 am

wasn't going to do a post but what the hell.
first stop breaky at aberdesach if your passing well worth a stop.

the plan was a trip down the llyn and find a few new mark's. set of to cilan head and tried to find a get down to the northen side for a change. got there and couldnt believe the differance in the both side's it was a shear drop straight down all along it after an hour doing a reece we found a mark about 40ft above the water and with it being quiet calm we gave it a go for a few hour's.

first view's.

the view straight down.

all we had here was a few ballan corkwing and dog's. we left after a few hour's as we thought it was a bit hard on the fish pulling them up the side of a cliff then lowering them back down attached to the wire's on our gripper's. didnt take pic's because im sick of taking pic's of wrasse.

second venue aberech beach. on here the rain was horendous the sort that is like a fine drizzle and you get wetter than a good down pour. here it was dog's straight away then a lone maccie and a small huss to deg's.

you could see the maccie right in front of us at about 20 ft but they wouldnt touch the feather's for some reason. then to our suprise this pop's it's head up and there's the answer.

it stayed right in front of us for about 2 hour's and wouldnt go away. so we laft here had some tea and went to aberdesach.
we fished it up to high and again all we had was dog's and a fair bit of weed.

apologie's for the pic's but the camera stayed in most the day because of the rain.

deg's numerous wrasse dog's and a small huss.

joe just dog's and wrasse.

stroll on monday and st mary's.

joe roberts

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Re: wet wales and a day off.

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:18 pm

Good report there
You had a few fish between you anyway
I bet the one in last picture caught a few as well Laughing

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Re: wet wales and a day off.

Post by allthegearnoidea on Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:00 am

you have more guts than me m8 dont think i could fish that mark affraid


one day i will catch the one that got away

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Re: wet wales and a day off.

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