Barbaqued Trout Tips

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Barbaqued Trout Tips

Post by allthegearnoidea on Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:48 am

Use a fish shaped trout rack - this makes it so much easier to turn the fish - ideally get the BBQ very hot.
If you haven't got a special fish rack, lightly oil the fish and toss in a little flour - this will help to stop it sticking.
When marinating fish, only allow it to marinate for 30 minutes. Simple flavours are still the best - olive oil, lemon juice salt and ground black pepper - this allows you to have the full flavour of the BBQ as well as a gentle aroma of the baked fish.
To fillet a cooked fish, it can be quite tricky particularly with trout, as it is quite flaky - waiters tend to use a spoon and fork. I would remove the head, then use a spoon and run it along the backbone of the flesh of the fish - this should loosen the fillets. Carefully lift off the top fillet using your fork to lead you and your spoon to hold the bottom of the fillet coming loose. If the fish is cooked to perfection then it will come away quite easily. If you find this a daunting task - use trout fillets to BBQ instead. Or, you can remove the head of the fish, scrape away the skin revealing the flesh, lift the fillet away from the bone and place on to a clean plate - with the help of your fingers (clean!) lift away the bone, this will leave you with a boneless bottom fillet.


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