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Post by ryan1 on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:55 am

Just back from a week on the Mull of Galloway, despite the bad journey there and back the weather was very good on the whole and made for a fantastic week although very tiring lol.
After a long troubled journey we got to stranraer for 4am saturday morning, after picking up a few supplies once the stores opened we made our way down to east tarbet, a short rest then off to have a look around and find any nearby facilities... weíll get camp set up later Very Happy

Whilst up at the mull light house we had a go for a few mackerel for bait, although scarce we did manage enough for a session so we had a few hours on a mark at the mull head... weíre not going down there surely were my first thoughts Shocked it looks almost impossible, but it wasnít too bad.
Just a few small Pollack here to the float and a couple to the deep spun jellyworm, nothing of any size but a good start all the same... the tide rip here was something else.

mull of galloway  100_1174

After a bite to eat we decided to head back up the coast for a few hours on the bass as there was a good few coming out to plugs the night before, will stay up there for the night then.
As the light started to fade the fish started to come on and the first of the night for me.
Not a bad little session, we ended up with 6 bass all schoolies with the best at 2.5 lb all taken on silver tobies.

mull of galloway  100_1141

mull of galloway  100_1142

With heavy rain for most of the night Sunday turned out to be a nice dry day, although faced with very strong westerly winds we headed over to the west side to check out a couple of marks given to us, the directions where spot on and found the farms easily so a big thanks to john for that.
We didnít go any further as the 2 fields we had to cross were full of bulls Surprised and wasnít worth the hassle as we couldnít fish them anyway, so went back into the village and parked in the harbour then had a good yomp for a few hours along the cliff top.... hopefully this wind will change before we leave as we found some great looking ledges.

mull of galloway  100_1146

mull of galloway  100_1145

With another long day and the time we got back over the other side we ended up in a lay by for a second night Mad so had another bass session, not as good tonight tho with just 3 small schoolies.

Monday was very much the same with the weather, so after digging a few worms we headed off to a couple of good Pollack marks with some lads we met up with, lots of small fish again but good fun on the light gear

mull of galloway  100_1159

mull of galloway  100_1158

The other mark we didnít fish just went down for a look, not the ledges we had in mind but both with the same farm access, so turned out to be a very good move as I donít think we would have found the second one.
Donít know what the fishing was like here as we left them to it and headed off to west tarbet where after almost 3 days I finally got my tent up.

mull of galloway  100_1162

With a good nightís sleep and some breakfast inside us we went for a few fresh mackerel and dig a few more worms, just going to fish a few marks close by today.

mull of galloway  IMG022

With just a bit of float gear we had a walk up towards the lighthouse and got onto a nice looking rock which didnít look like it had seen many anglers, bit of a tricky get down too, but again well worth it as it turned out to be a great mark, must of been 30ft of water under our feet at low Surprised more better fish but still nothing much over the 2lb mark... will defiantly give this another go.

mull of galloway  100_1168

mull of galloway  100_1170

Another cracking day on Wednesday saw us heading back over the west side to see if we could find some of the better Pollack.
With permission from the farmer we parked up and headed for the rocks, only this time we were faced with a slight problem, this fella was stood in our way.... and he didnít seem to be in a very good mood either Shocked

mull of galloway  100_1171

Eventually we did get through but Paul did take a good jolt from the electric fence affraid classic! I was pmsl for an hour, anyway really enjoyed this session a bit slower but some better fish, was gutted as I lost a very big Pollack... just couldnít stop it Sad
Wanted to stop a bit longer but if our friend is still waiting for us it could be a very long walk back Smile

Had a drive up to drummore this morning and called in at the marinerís cafe for some breakfast, free wifi too so we can get a weather update as we plan to move up to Portpatrick tomorrow, I started the day on a full Scottish breakfast, dad had the healthy option lol

mull of galloway  100_1176

With all the excitement yesterday we just fished the ledges up from east tarbet and had a couple hours fun with the mackerel and small Pollack... loads of rock ledges to fish from and easy get downs along this part.

mull of galloway  100_1173

With heavy rain forecast for tonight and Friday we decided to wrap up while itís still dry then moved back up to the bass mark.
This time we tried plugs as we lost all the spinners, I found the only fish of the night at just over 3lb my first ever bass on the plug so was happy with that, we then called it a night as the rain moved in.

After a few hours kip and still very wet, we decided to have a brew and then a steady drive home, and what a nightmare that was.... 40mins into the journey and faced with a 77mile diversion Mad but was a fantastic week, not a great lot of fishing but what we did was great, learnt a great deal, gained a lot of info and ideas to take back plus a book full of marks to fish, and met new fishing friends.
Thereís everything for the sea angler here and as for the camping, it was wild camping at its very best.... already planning the next trip Very Happy canít wait to get back up there, I think it will be a longer stay next time tho and hopefully drag the boat up too.

A few more pics of some of the marks we fished.

mull of galloway  IMG026

you can just make paul out in this one
mull of galloway  IMG027

mull of galloway  IMG029

mull of galloway  100_1150

mull of galloway  IMG020


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Post by allthegearnoidea on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:06 am

Fantastic report and pictures mate looks a bit hairy on them cliffs

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one day i will catch the one that got away

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Post by BobL on Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:12 am

A very good report there, Sounds like a fun and successful week


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Post by Guest on Sun Sep 11, 2011 12:21 pm

A great report with some great pictures

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