Beechwood (The Oak 4th match)

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Beechwood (The Oak 4th match) Empty Beechwood (The Oak 4th match)

Post by TheBailiff on Sat May 15, 2010 12:09 pm

Nice day for fishing 14 turned up including 2 new members, however, the fishing was really bad for the Oak No double figure nets were caught at all which is unusual for the Oak.....Anyway here are the results

1st Ian Shore 9lb 18 points (inc section win)

2nd Vic W 7lb 7oz 12 points

3rd Nigel B 6lb 07oz 16 points (inc section win)

4th John S 6lb 6oz 10 points

5th Rita W 5lb 13oz 9 points

6th Ian W 5lb 8oz 13 points (inc section win)

7th Dave W 5lb 3oz 7 points

8th Wayne T 2lb 13oz 6 points

9th Barry V 2lb 11oz 5 points

10th Mel 2lb 8oz 4 points

11th Steve B 1lb 4oz 3 points

12th Alan B 1lb 3oz 2 points

13th Alan M 1lb 1oz 1 point

14th person to fish was a guest so does not count in points Wayne & Mel's lad Wac caught 3lb 14oz


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