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The Essential Fly

Post by allthegearnoidea on Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:37 am

The temperature is dropping....brrrrr... so get out there Grayling fishing!

And don't forget your Czech Nymphs!

fly fishing flies | fly tying materials

time of year, as we're sure you will know, is all about Grayling. Not
that other fishing is not available too of course, but so many people
enjoy a day out pulling in a few Grayling. The weather forecasters say
we're now in for a cold snap after such a mild autumn so really its an
ideal time to get out there! The Grayling love the Czech Nymphs - they
really are deadly just now. Lucky for you we have a great range of
Czech Nymphs available that are an ideal addition or asset to your fly
Check out information about Czech Nymphing and the range available.

None of us can deny that Christmas is around the
corner so it is time to start thinking about the pressies we want and
the pressies we can buy our fly fishing buddies and relatives. Don't
forget you have the Wishlist facility in your account so you can make
those 'polite suggestions' to Great Aunty Nellie!
We're developing the Christmas Gift Department
but we thought it a good idea to ask around The Essential Fly warehouse
(from all those mad fishermen in there) and see what they each thought
would be their ideal Christmas pressie. Here's the results of the

  1. A Tubeology Spinning and Fly Tying kit
  2. A Tubeology Fly Tying kit
  3. A Burl Wood Landing Net (from the Heritage Range)
  4. DVDs from The River Academy (the new Mayfly one is ace!)
  5. Fly box
are of course, so many other items we could suggest - fly bundles,
different boxes, net releases but just remember we're here to help so
if you're stuck for a present just call or email us! Santa Bob and his
team of elves will be pleased to help!
Oh and Andy says - "Please remember a trout is for life, not just for Christmas"


The Essential Fly is delighted to be a retailer for the amazing new Tubeology
System. It has been reviewed in Total Fly Fisher, Fly Fishing and Fly
Tying and Trout & Salmon Magazine and had raving reviews. We have
component packs for anglers that simply want to try a small selection
and the complete kits available. It can make your fishing day out so
much easier, convenient and flexible. Bad news for fish maybe - but great news for us fisher-folk! Do have a look and see for yourself why the press are raving about this new system! Tubeology available here
Fly Tying

Whilst browsing, in light of these shorter chillier days, don't forget to visit our Fly Tying Shop! You can while away the hours happily fly tying!
Here to help

Simply telephone 0845 401 4001 for any of your fly fishing needs. Our team is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5:00pm to help!

What customers say:
I received my first flies from you the other day. I've paid a lot more
for flies from other outlets in the past and, in view of your far more
reasonable costs, I wasn't expecting miracles. What can I say though?
How about, "Superb!" From the obvious care of the packing to the
quality of the beautifully tied flies contained therein, I'm amazed. I
doubt I'll be buying flies from anywhere else again. Thank you! D.R.
Fly Fishing Flies | Fly Tying Offers


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Re: The Essential Fly

Post by allthegearnoidea on Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:53 am

River Flies | Lake Flies | Salmon Flies | Fly Fishing Accessories
Fly Tying Materials | Fishing Experiences FLY FISHING DEALS OF THE WEEK .... click here

day on the Tweed is a special day for all salmon anglers, a day when
all fervent salmon anglers truly know that the salmon season has well
and truly begun. A libation will be poured to the angling gods and the
noble salmon will be toasted with the finest of malts. We here in the
Essential Fly bothy will of course be toasting the Tweed salmon with a
large mug of tea and sending our best wishes to all our customers who
are Tweed anglers on opening day. We have improved and extended our
range of Salmon and Sea-trout flies over the winter and can guarantee
that all our customers casting their flies on the water will be doing
so with some of the finest and best value flies on the market today.
those anglers not able to fish for salmon in the early season, there is
always the prospect of a Stillwater rainbow or winter grayling to whet
the lips. It is well known that grayling will still come up to the dry
fly even in the foulest of weathers, with this in mind coupled with the
graylings love of the colour pink we are proud to offer grayling
fishers our range of Blank Buster Klinkhammers which both trout and
grayling find deadly.

In Focus - 15% Discount On Our In Focus Items This Week Only

Each week our in focus gives you discount on items relevant for the time of year
for rivers, lakes, salmon, sea trout, fly fishing accessories and fly tying materials.

River Fly

Blank Buster Pink KlinkhammerYou’ll
be tickled pink by this little fly! A new Blank Buster variation of a
modern classic. This fly is all ready gaining a wide deal of
recognition for it ability to bring winter grayling to the surface in
even the coldest of weathers.
Lake Flies

Jersey Herd Never
has milk bottle foil looked so good! Not only does this fly catch
thousands of rainbows throughout the season but it also attracts a
large number of brownies to the net also. Simply one of the best
looking trout lures on the market today. A fly that just looks fishy!
Save 15% Just £0.85

Save 15% Just £0.42

Salmon Flies
Ally's Shrimp (Copper Tube)

tube version of one of the most famous salmon flies ever. Perfect for
the really high and cold water of early season. Fished on a fast
sinking line this tube fly is perfect for enticing those large springers

Sea Trout Flies

Sandy's Snake Collectiona
new and versatile range of snake flies designed by our in house fly
designer Sandy Dickson. Tied especially to compliment the new Tubeology
range of lures. These snakes are truly magnificent! Tied with the
finest mix of modern and traditional materials.

Save 15% Just £1.07

Save 15% Just £17.00

Fly Fishing Accessory

Dinamite Braid

Ultra Dynamite Braid features a round profile to provide improved reel
loading, reduced wear to rod guides and enhanced abrasion resistance.
Made from ultra strong 100% Dyneema braid tightly bound with a higher
pitch than most competing brands. A unique thermo-fixing process binds
the braid to produce a line that combines the best properties of mono
with those of braid. Quite simply the finest salmon spinning line
Tying Material

TEF Genuine Mature Seals Fur Green Highlander
Bodyspan Elastic is ideal for buzzers, nymphs and lures. Very stretchy
coloured elastic this can make great nymph bodies. Excellent for nymph
bodies and cheeks. What we really love about our Body span Elastic is
that it comes on a really neat spool so that it fits into your fly
tying bag neatly.
Save 15% Just £33.15

Save 15% Just £1.92

Great Fishing Experiences ....... Go Fishing NOW

Planning for 2010 or need to get out and get some decent grayling now - make much more of your fishing.
Increase skills or simply to make turn a fishing trip into the experience of a lifetime.

John Tyzack

times England River Fishing Champion, England team John's credentials
are amazing, we joke he could pull fish from a puddle on a footpath.
England International and AAPGAI Instructor plus Professional Fly
Fishing Guide and Instructor. It's grayling time again! Don't hang up
your rods and wait until the Spring. There's some fantastic winter
sport on offer with the Lady of the Stream. Contact John to learn the
secrets of success when the water turns cold...

John is 6 times England Champion, England International,
AGAPI Instructor and fishing NOW for BIG Grayling
Contact John here
Stevie Munn

you need from an experience trip in Ireland fishing Lough Erne or
Melvin or to work on your skills. Stevie can teach Fly casting and
fishing, Fly Tying, Reading the river, Wild trout fishing on loughs or
rivers, Stillwater/reservoir fly fishing, lough style boat fishing.
Stevie takes all levels from complete beginners to advanced techniques.
Alternatively book one of Stevie's incredible trips to Canada.

Stevie is a Hardy Greys Fly Casting Instructor.
Contact Stevie here
Contact John here

Contact Stevie here


one day i will catch the one that got away

Number of posts : 1430
Age : 61
Location : sutton in ashfield notts
Job/hobbies : retired
Humor : sick
Registration date : 2007-10-04

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