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Post by joe roberts on Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:17 am

With the works summer shut down over today and back on night's tonight i thought id do one more flyer to the island. where to go was the problem high tide to early to wet and and windy for the rock's and didnt fancyeast coast of the island.
So decided to try a storm beach for the bass as this was really the only option. i was hoping with the tides being small the wind would hold the ebb up a bit into darkness.

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set two rod's up one with a pennel rig 3/0 on loaded with mackrel and the other 2 hook flapper short snood's and 2/0 hooks loaded with fresh blow lug.

Well it was quiet till darkness arrived i was about 2 hour's into the ebb and started to get little rattles on the worm. my first silver took the top hook and small at that.

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undetered i carried on and mid tide it went quiet for about an hour. at this point i noticed i was fishing into a gulley so i decided to wade across onto a sand bank and get into the rough stuff. straight away getting good solid bites but missing them until i get one a bit better.

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by now it was 2 hour's before low and getting late so i thought ive had two. so call it a night. so the rod with the maccie on (that had stood still all night) was put away.

as i went to put the second rod down i had a good knock struck and into a bettr fish only to land a brace of two not bad one's.

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adrenaline running a bit now so i thought id give it another half hour and call it a day.

and on last cast my biggest of the night.

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so didnt turn out too bad. five fish load's of missed bites and wondering how big was the one that snapped me off.
in all not had a few bad outings of late and again happy as larry until work tonight.


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Post by allthegearnoidea on Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:46 pm

Realy nice looking fish there Joe well done mate

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one day i will catch the one that got away

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