day at brid

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day at brid

Post by ryan1 on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:55 am

Quick look at the weather Sunday tea time knowing the tides were good, it all looked well for a days charter on Monday so a quick phone call to alan to see if he was ok for the morning, answer was yes paul deffo... i could sense the excitement Razz he’s been waiting for me to take him since may.
Another call to browny skipper of the ocean crusader found he’d got no one booked for tomorrow but would take us anyway, so a 6 hour trip was confirmed.. which is more than enough for al these days Smile

5am Monday morning saw us on our way to brid.. no ryan this time Laughing having got there in good time first call was the cafe for a bit of breakfast, and then geared up and boarded for 7:30
10 minutes later we’re heading through the piers for flamborough with the boat to ourselves Very Happy
With a good tide it allowed for a few drifts round corner in sellicks... some really big ballan wrasse to be had at this mark... but not for us today tho, as from the off these fellas were straight onto our baits

Apart from 2 ballans around 1lb mark for me it was all undersize mopps.
So we moved further round to brail which resulted in more of the same... borderline codlings and a few billet, next drift we tucked in further under the cliffs and this proved to be a better move, first drop al picked up 2 small keepers around 1 1/2lb – 2lb mark... that was his tea sorted. Smile

The next hour was more of the same undersize codlings everywhere... another day you can go there and get a box of decent codlings with an odd sprag or two... but that’s how it goes.
So from here we headed to back of buoy hopefully we’d get an odd good fish from there mixed in amongst the really big whitings that show on this ground.
First drop.. this time with the hokkia baited with a small sliver of squid was straight into the whitings just singles at this point... it should improve as the tide increases Question
then as first of the flood started to push through we run back for another drift and true to form the numbers increased double headers every drop... that was alan happy anyway,

Not bad for 78 years old.

Next move we pushed off a bit further to a harder bit of ground still hopeful for the odd better fish, down again and as soon as the baits hit the bottom rods were rattling, this time double header of blegs for both of us... a sure sign of being on a nice bit of cod ground, then next drop saw us back into the whiting all good size fish tho, so for me it was time to scale down to very light tackle... fish for what’s there and have fun.

This move again proved to be much better as i managed to pick up the odd small mopp amongst the..... oh! did i mention whiting!! Very Happy biggest being 3lb 1oz
56 cod between two of us today and only 7 keepers Neutral

That’s how it stayed for the next 2 hours really big whitings and odd codling, double and triple headers every drop.

Al having got a nice box of fish to take home we called it a day, and now time for me to start gutting on our way back in.

It was non stop from the start albeit mainly whiting... it was great fun on light gear, and more importantly alan had a great day, should keep him happy for a few weeks now Laughing Laughing and hopefully the next trip should see the mackerel in

south landing on the way to flamborough

flamborough lighthouse



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Re: day at brid

Post by allthegearnoidea on Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:55 am

Fantastic day out m8 Alan must have been well made up some realy good whiting by the looks of em huge haul of fish for a 6 hour trip even though they wernt all keepers

thanks for the report and pics mate well done both of you


one day i will catch the one that got away

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Re: day at brid

Post by joe roberts on Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:56 am

nice session well done

joe roberts

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Re: day at brid

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