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Post by joe roberts on Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:05 am

decided to avoid the island with it now being numpty season so me and deg's headed down the llyn. plan was to go sat but looking at the weather decided up early of nights and go friday.

anyhow got close as we could to our chosen venue and asked the farmer could we park in his farm and fair do's he was spot on told us the best way to get there where to fish and so on. (i put it down to my t shirt and the words Bore Da) and watch out for the wild horse's was the last word's that stuck in my head ?.

got the mark after a big climb down and there was 3 blokes from preston on it them with the one word answers yes and no !!.
anyhow degs set up to the left of them me to the right. 2 rods 35lb line straight through and pulley rigs 3/0 with 25lb hook snoods. baits were crab s/eel and frozen maccie. first cast and the wrasse were well game slamming down every 2 seconds.

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first a cuckoo

then the rattles turned to pollock all sizes.

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then a strange one in the middle of the day.

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by this time the three blokes leave and me and deg's move to the prime spot as by now the tackle losse's were getting heavy straight away the wrasse start again all sort's of sizes.

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then the weather takes a bad turn and the drizzle starts and the thought's turn to the climb back up so decide there and then give it an hour then go. but as it happens the maccie arrive and armed with fresh maccie we decided to fish closer in resulting in acouple of these.

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then deg's gets going in a mad hour or so.
first a poor cod.

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then a double header wrasse and a tadpole fish .

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then a final chuck a pout

llyn p Takethatconcert180.

by now we were starting to get wet after not bringing any wet gear (weathermen get it wrong again) and darkness now upon us we decided to call it a night (had planned on stopping all night).
so i remembered the farmer telling me there was a longer but less steeper walk so we opted for that boy was it scary and wet in the dark a big drop to our left and the swell getting up it felt like ages and the word's never again. got of the track and followed a wall back up the mountain to the farm. as we walked up a load of wild horse's came galloping over to us the thought of them on the track put the wind right up me.

so that's about it we caught and were home early. but i think i'll be staying on the island for a short while.

joe roberts

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Post by allthegearnoidea on Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:45 pm

Nice mixed bag of fish there Joe gr8 report as usual

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one day i will catch the one that got away

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