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Post by joe roberts on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:05 am

With nights looming the wife said you up all night drinking or what. so i reply what's what then to which she replied whats fishing down the river. yes ok i'll go fishing down the river but took a wrong turn somewere and ended 50 mile away on h/h breaky (very strange).

so the fishing.

started off 100yd's from the end 2 rod's 4/0 pulley rigs loaded with crab hoping for a smutt (long shot) straight away a dog not to pleased then loads of little tap's and missing hooks. spider crabs after an hour decided to move up top on the left hand side.

again pulleys and crab and a little one down the side straight away dogs (just my look) so wacked um out and sod the tackle losses. worked though not a tap after that for a good while.

so concentrated on the little rod down the side 2oz weight and a size 4 hook with crabs claws and legs.
first off.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert164

then one for the spiecies hunt.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert166

loads of these.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert165

then these start one after the other.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert167

all colours and all sizes.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert168

then i notice a good bite on one of my long rod's which by now i had changed to maccie and squid. struck into some thing really good and managed to get it up against the wall after a few minutes only for it to snap off .(gutted).

put small rod away as was getting to many bite's and was ready for the off. then another bite far out resulted in an aother for the spiecies hunt.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert169.

then that was it started packing up abotu 01.00 to try and beet the paddy wagon's getting of the ferry.

holyhead breaky Takethatconcert170

happy as larry again.

joe roberts

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