Pine Trees 25/26 - 04 -2009

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Pine Trees 25/26 - 04 -2009

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:31 am

Well following the charity W/E last week John was staying there for the week & it was my intention to go down for the Sat & Sun matches & bring John & Angie home.

Well i arrived at Pine Trees about 1130 am, well in time for the draw for the Sat afternoon match on the new lake, i drew peg 9 which was fishing into open water with no features.
I plumbed up & found a slight drop from 4ft to 4ft 6ins at about 9.5 meters then it leveled out.
so fed a few chopped worm & caster on this line & at 13m i put in some pellets, groudbait, maggots & pinkies.
Started on 13m line, with maggot on a 20 hook kept getting lightning bites but could not connect, changed rigs to a lot lighter with a 22hook to 1lb hooklength put on a double pinkie & bites were same, sowent down to my lightest rig which was a 24hook with a single pinkie & first put resulted in a 1/2 ounze roach.
by this time 45 mins of the 3 hour match had gone by, so although i kept loose feeding this swim i decided to try the worm swim first put in produced a nice Perch about 14ozs but this was to be the only fish on this line, went back out had a few more minnow sized roach ended up 6th with 1lb 14ozs.
sundays match was very similar for me with just small roach & i think i was about 7th.

I only had time for 1 pleasure session & that was on peg 21
on the Old lake for 2hrs on Sat eve.
John was on peg 20& was catching roach to about 4ozs up in the water at 10m whilst i was catching a slightly smaller stamp of fish on the deck about the same distance.
I switched rigs & fished up in the water & straight away i was getting a better stamp of roach & rudd,
After 2hours we decided to wieght our catches as i had a nice roach which i estimated to be about the magical 2lb mark. But alas on the scales it only went 1lb 14ozs 9 (the old git would not give me 2lb despite offer of a bribe)
Anyway along with my other fish i wieghed 8-02 to Johns 4-04 i think it was

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