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Your very own little website (social network) Empty Your very own little website (social network)

Post by Billyfishing on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:24 am

Have you ever wanted your own little website that you can put on what you want people can see what you have put on and then if they want to interact with you they can.

Its a great place to put your Videos your Pictures and save space on your home computer.

And thats not all you get your own little badge so you can put onto other websites and Twitter so people can find your little website.
Member Badge
Wear it with pride! Get a World Fishing Toolbar member badge that you can display on your website or MySpace page.

View my page on World Fishing Toolbar

Yes it is a Social Network called World Fishing Toolbar (where have i heard this before)

The site has been set up for ease of use and already has a member that has only just started with computers and has uploaded his picture a video and invited Friends now that was quick and surprised me and it is that easy to use.

You can have your special fishing site that is individual to you. You might want to tell every one about Pike or chub fishing it is you that is control i have just provided the ease for you to do it.

Link to the site.

Thank you have a look I think you will like what I have done.


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