what a nightmare

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what a nightmare

Post by joe roberts on Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:39 am

Well the plan was cable bay over low monday morning with me being on 2-10 a quick 6 hour session and then to work all relaxed for the week.

But it went something like this.

Misse's moaned she needed to got to work early monday morning so i had to take kid's to school. So the plan turned out why dont you go sunday evening and be back for midnight.

great i thought sorted all my stuff ready to go and they all turn up at mine about 14.00 misse's mam my sister her brood. then will you take me mam home panic bell's start ringing so eventually i get the car packed take her mam home and im on my way.

Arrive cable bay at 16.30 get talking to some lad's from salford tell them where to fish then set off on my way to the point.Get there set up first rod where's me bait left it in the car so rod down pack up and back to the car.
Get the car no bait a quick call home and it's on the back step (bummer).

off to holyhead as gaz's shop close's t 16.00. get to winnies closed. go to shop around the corner only squid so that's a start. then head to t/bay spar (relief) all the bait you need.

So head back to cable bay and it's just going dark. by this time im thinking it's time to go home im going to have a shiter. Walk's back up to the point and start to set up again. go to put my car key's and wallet in me box and i aint got um. so pack's up again back the car and the key's are in the ignition my wallet and phone on the seat but very relieved.

At this point im thinking just have a go onthe beach but no sod it third time lucky back the point.

So back on the point the fishing start's three rod's one 4/0 sandeel bait right out. one pulley rig 6/o pennal with squid and mackie close in and sakuma manta's with rag close in also.
first fish y/ting then y/ting then dog's and more dog's. this was the pattern for the next hour and a half. as the tide rose the swell got worse.

Carried on regardless as i had a limited time here with the size of the tide pushing up the rock's and the spray was by this time getting bad.

then i had a slack liner so reeled in about 40 yard's of line to nothing. Again 2minutes later the same again.Followed by a massive pull down which i struck into but what ever it was it went to ground and after leaving it for 10 minutes i had to pull for a break.
the thought's were now clear in my head time for home as i was well p***ed off.
then a decent bite close in on a full squid 6/0 pulley pennal and rewarded at last.

not a big one but one target down.

but that was it moved around to the bay for shelter for flattie's this time just two rod's with double flapper's and rag worm only to be pestered by whiting.

looked on my phone for the time and it says 22:10 so packed up got back the car and worked it out a kebab and home be there for midnight and she's happy.
so drove home and stopped in the local kebab house sitting there thinking that was a short session only to look up at there clock and it was only half nine.

got home and the youngest admitted shed been playing with my phone sunday morn.

so im putting this down as this year's boggie session is out the way

joe roberts

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Re: what a nightmare

Post by allthegearnoidea on Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:58 am

never mind Joe at least you caught nice pics and report mate fishing2 well done


one day i will catch the one that got away

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Re: what a nightmare

Post by fishypaul on Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:33 am

good report mate,at least you didn't blank

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Re: what a nightmare

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