Recognising Fly Patterns 2

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Recognising Fly Patterns 2

Post by allthegearnoidea on Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:15 am

click on the picture and a new screen opens showing you

what materials to use and how to tie the fly

Black Gnat

Black / Peacock Spider

Black Pennell

Black Pensioner

Blob ~ Black Green

Blob ~ Cat's Whisker

Blob ~ Metallic Copper and Red

Blob ~ Metallic Copper and Ginger

Blob ~ Coral and Orange

Blob ~ Fire Orange

Blob ~ Fire Orange / Pink

Blob ~ Metallic Gold

Blob ~ Orange

Blob~ Orange and Peach

Blob ~ Peacock Green

Blob ~ Fluo Pink

Blob ~ Sunburst

Blob ~ Traffic Light

Blob ~ Viva

Apps Bloodworm

Red Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Olive Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Olive UV Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Black Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Amber Apps Beaded Bloodworm

White Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Pink Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Yellow Apps Beaded Bloodworm

Beaded Bloodworm


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